W3S3 [fo:ls US fo:ls] adj
3¦(not real)¦
4¦(not sincere)¦
5 false economy
6 under false pretences
7 false move/step
8 false imprisonment/arrest
[Date: 900-1000; : Latin; Origin: falsus, from fallere 'to deceive']
1.) ¦(UNTRUE)¦
a statement, story etc that is false is completely untrue
Please decide whether the following statements are true or false.
false accusations
2.) ¦(WRONG)¦
based on incorrect information or ideas
I don't want to give you any false hopes .
The statement gives us a false impression that we understand something when we do not.
We often make false assumptions about people of other cultures.
a false sense of security (=a feeling of being safe when you are not really safe)
3.) ¦(NOT REAL)¦
a) not real, but intended to seem real and deceive people
The drugs were hidden in a suitcase with a false bottom.
The man had given a false name and address.
b) artificial
false teeth/hair/eyelashes etc
not sincere or honest, and pretending to have feelings that you do not really have
She's so false.
a false laugh
'You played brilliantly.' 'Not really,' Ian replied with false modesty .
5.) false economy
something that you think will save you money but which will really cost you more
It's a false economy not to have travel insurance.
6.) under false pretences
if you get something under false pretences, you get it by deceiving people
He was accused of obtaining money under false pretences.
7.) false move/step
a small movement or action that will result in harm
One false move and you're dead.
8.) false imprisonment/arrest
the illegal act of putting someone in prison or ↑arresting them for a crime they have not committed

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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